Foundation of Baxter Chair of Engineering, 1868

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In 1868, Sir David Baxter of Kilmaron (1793–1872), one of Edinburgh University's greatest benefactors, endowed the Baxter Chair of Engineering.

A first attempt had been made to introduce the teaching of Engineering with the creation of a Regius Chair of Technology within the Faculty of Arts in 1855. The Chair was abolished, however, at the death of its first and only incumbent, George Wilson (1818-1859), in 1859. Within a decade, though, growing recognition of the importance of engineering studies led to an endowment by the Dundee industrialist Sir David Baxter. He provided a sum of £6000 towards the Chair, which was supplemented by a yearly government grant of £200. Under the terms of the endowment, the first holder of the Chair was to be Baxter's own choice. He selected Henry Charles Fleeming Jenkin (1833–1885), who was then Professor of Civil Engineering at University College, London.

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