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Foundation of the Faculty of Arts

A distinct Faculty of Arts was established in 1708, as the Regenting system was phased out. The original Chairs within it were:

18th-Century Chairs

In the course of the 18th century the following Chairs were added:

19th-Century Chairs

The 19th century saw the institution of the following Chairs:

When the Faculty of Science was created in 1893, the Chairs of Astronomy (previously Practical Astronomy), Engineering, and Geology were transferred to it.

20th-Century Chairs

Many new Arts chairs were created in the 20th century though others were transferred to the Faculties of Science and Social Sciences.

When the Faculty of Social Sciences was created in 1963, the departments of Economic Science, Education, Accounting, Organisation of Industry and Commerce, Psychology, Geography, Architecture, and Economic History were all transferred to it, as, subsequently, was the Department of Archaeology in 1993.

In 1966, the Chairs of Mathematics and both the original and Tait Chairs of Natural Philosophy were transferred to the Faculty of Science.

21st Century

Following restructuring in 2002, the university's nine Faculties were reconstituted as three Colleges, while Departments were reorganised and replaced by Schools. The Departments previously contained within the Faculty of Arts were incorporated in four Schools of the newly founded College of Humanities and Social Science: