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Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA) is responsible for student representation, support, and welfare.


EUSA was founded in 1973 via the merger of the Students' Representative Council (SRC), the Edinburgh University Union, and the Chambers Street Union (formerly the Edinburgh University Women's Union). This was the culmination of a campaign to bring all student bodies together into a single organization. In 1971, Edinburgh University Union finally voted to admit female students shortly after the Chambers Street Union had extended its membership to male students. Negotiations now began to dissolve the SRC and the two unions and to create a single students' association. It was soon established, however, that the SRC could not be dissolved as it had been officially recognised by the Universities (Scotland) Act 1889. Nor was it possible to alter its constitution in a way that would permit it to take over responsibility for the unions. In the end, it was resolved that the Students' Representative Council and Edinburgh University Union would continue to exist as discrete entities within the proposed association. Chambers Street Union, conversely, would merge entirely with Edinburgh University Union. Edinburgh University Students' Association was officially constituted on 1 July 1973. Each newly matriculated student would automatically become a member. A later merger,in 1989, brought Kings' Buildings House into the Association.


Within EUSA, there is a complete division of representational and union structures. Student representation on teaching and learning, welfare, academic services, postgraduate affairs and external affairs continues to be the responsibility of the Students' Representative Council (which also organizes Freshers' Week). A Committee of Management (CoM), conversely is responsible for the running of union services, events programming, and the provision student support and guidance.


EUSA is led by a team of four full-time elected students, known as 'sabbaticals', comprising:

  • The President responsible for the overall functioning of the association
  • The Vice President Societies and Activities (VPSA) responsible for recognised student clubs and association and representation to the University on non-academic services
  • The Vice President Academic Affairs (VPAA), responsible for representing students on academic matters
  • The Vice President Services (VPS) responsible for the running of the Union buildings, and financial affairs of the Association

EUSA Union Buildings

EUSA is responsible for four student union buildings:

  • Teviot Row House – the largest of the union buildings and the oldest purpose built student union building in the world
  • Potterrow – housing EUSA's main office, the Potter Shop, Dome Cafe, Potter Coffee, University Chaplaincy, banks and the Advice Place
  • King's Buildings House – on the main science/engineering campus at King's Buildings in the south of the city, comprising bars and food outlets, as well as sports facilities.
  • Pleasance – located next to the Centre for Sport and Exercise gym, containing two bars during term time and a fully functional theatre

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