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The Chambers Street Union was the name assumed by the Edinburgh University Women's Union when it moved into new premises in 1964. The Women's Union had originally opened at 53 Lothian Street in October 1905, finally moving to more permanent accommodation at 54 George Square in 1927. In 1964 the George Square building was demolished as part of the university redevelopment, and the Union moved to 16 Chambers Street.

The Chambers Street Union voted to admit male students shortly before Edinburgh University Union finally voted to admit women on 5 February 1971. On 1 July 1973 Chambers Street Union merged with the Students' Representative Council and Edinburgh University Union to form Edinburgh University Students' Association. Under the terms of the merger, the Representative Council and University Union continued to exist as discrete bodies. The Chambers Street Union, conversely, was dissolved and became part of the University Union.


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