Andrew Cant

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Andrew Cant was Principal of Edinburgh University from 1675 to 1685.


As there were several ministers by the name of Andrew Cant in Edinburgh during this period of the seventeenth century, his lineage is uncertain. At the time of William Colville (d. 1675)'s death, Cant was the minister of Trinity College Church. In accepting the appointment of Principal his ministry was transferred to the East Kirk of St. Giles. Very little is known of his work with the University as the minute books for this period are missing. He is known to have had a valuable library, with an estimated value of 5000 Scots pounds.


  • Oratio de concordia theologorum et discordia (Edinburgh, 1676)
  • A sermon preached on the XXX day of January 1702/3 at Edinburgh, by one of the suffering clergy in the kingdom of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1703, with other published 1704, 1707, 1711 and 1715)


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