Thomas Craufurd

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Thomas Craufurd, a graduate of St. Andrews University, was elected Regent of Humanity at Edinburgh University on 29 March 1626. He left in February 1630 to become Rector of the Royal High School, but returned as Professor of Mathematics in December 1640, holding the post for twenty-two years. From January 1641, he combined the Chair with a post as Regent of Philosophy. Craufurd is now best-known for writing a history of the University from its opening in 1583 until the year 1646, which would eventually be published in 1808.

Edinburgh University Archives hold a transcript of Craufurd's original manuscript of his history of the University, by William Henderson, Librarian of Edinburgh University Library, 1673 (Dc.4.3). There are further transripts at Dc.5.8 and at Gen. 2212/2 (largely in the hand of Alexander Boswell, lord Auchinleck). There are also dictates taken by pupils of Craufurd: by D. Drummond (1652-54) at Dc.5.122 and by A. Burton (1661-62) at Dc.5.55. In addition, Edinburgh University Archives hold a charter and seal of Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, granting a house to Craufurd, 1659, at Dc.2.83.