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Charles Mackie (1688-1770) was appointed as Edinburgh University’s first Professor of History in 1719. He was sole occupant of the Chair until 1753, then served as co-Professor until retiring in 1765. His Papers (GB 237 Coll-423) consist of:

  • Alphabetical biographical dictionary compiled from Bayle and Morer (Dc.8.50)
  • 'Annotationes in ontologiam Gerrardi de Vries' and Annotationes in pneumatologiam G. de Vries', dictates by William Law (d. 1729), Professor of Moral Philosophy at Edinburgh University, taken down by Mackie when a student, 1703-1704 (Dc.7.79)
  • Catalogue of Mackie's library entitled 'Libri historici, antiquarii, literatores, poetae, etc.' (Dc.8.51)
  • Chronological notes of the birth and death of Mackie's children, transcript ca. 1800 (in Dc.1.47)
  • Commonplace books containing chiefly notes and extracts on Roman and general history, 2 vols (also containing a list in vol. 2 of Mackie's students in History and Roman Antiquities) (Dc.5.24)
  • Commonplace book on Scottish history (Dc.8.24)
  • 'Index funereus 29 annorum', lists of persons deceased, 1727-1756, transcript ca. 1800 (Dc.1.47)
  • 'Notae in Horatii Turselini Romani Historiarum epitomas', student notes from Mackie's lectures, 1743 (MS 2648)

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