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The Godfrey Thomson Unit for Educational Research, based at the Edinburgh Provincial Training Centre (later Moray House College of Education), is best known for the the production of the Moray House Tests, which were used for school selection throughout the United Kingdom and in the Scottish Mental Surveys of 1932 and 1937. It took its name from Sir Godfrey Hilton Thomson (1881-1955), who served as both Bell Professor of Education at the University of Edinburgh and Director of Studies at Moray House between 1925 and 1952. Its records are subdivided as follows:

  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/1 - Material regarding the Moray House Tests (1920-1979)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/2 - Northumberland Mental Tests (1920-1929)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/3 - Sample tests (1920-1987)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/4 - Testing Samples, United States (1920-1959)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/5 - Publications (1896-1978)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/6 - Godfrey Thomson (1930-1959)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/7 - Correspondence of Professor John Pilley (1952-1972)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/8 - Typescript tracing the development of intelligence testing and school selection in Northumberland by J W Collier (1930-1939)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/9 - File titled Accounts/reports (1936-1937)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/10 - Scottish Council for Research in Education reports (1938)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/11 - Typescript titled Notes on Statistical Methods in Common Use in Vocational and Educational Research, P E Vernon (1945)
  • EUA IN1/ACU/G1/12 - Letters to Albert E. G. Pilliner from Angela Rhys-Jones, University of London Press Ltd

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