Philip Hislop (1566?-1595)

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Philip Hislop (1566?-1595) began work as Regent to the First Year (or 'Bajan') class at Edinburgh University in October 1587. He took over regenting duties from Robert Rollock (1555-1599), the University's first Principal, who was appointed Professor of Theology in November 1587. Hislop had himself just graduated from Edinburgh University, where he had been regented by Rollock from 1583 to 1587. He initiated a tradition whereby regents were generally chosen from recent Edinburgh graduates. Hislop temporarily left the University to travel in Germany in 1590, but returned the following year and saw a class through to graduation in August 1592. In November 1593, Hislop resigned his post to take up a call as Minister of Inveresk. He died in 1596.

Archives at Edinburgh University


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