Charles Lumsden (ca. 1561-1630)

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Charles Lumsden (ca. 1561-1630) was the third Regent to be employed by the University of Edinburgh. In February 1586, the university re-opened after a nine-month closure due to an outbreak of plague. Duncan Nairn who was due to continue as Regent to the Second Year class, had died earlier in the month, and Lumsden was engaged in his stead. Lumsden demitted at the end of the university year, and was replaced by Adam Colt. The son of an Edinburgh tailor, Lumsden became Minister of Duddingston in 1588, and remained in post until his death in 1630. He published an English translation of Robert Rollock's Exposition upon Some Select Psalms of David (1600).

Archives at Edinburgh University


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